Introduction into Diabetic Dawn


What exactly is the case of this part of being a diabetic well simply put in the past when we were like hunter-gather types we would wake up at like 2 am to like 5 am to go out hunting or do other jobs during this time as such it’s built into our body for the liver to release sugar into our body during that time period it can start in some cases between like 10 pm to like 6am it could happen later or another time how can we cope with this problem overall?

We need some insulin in are bodies to allow users to not feel sick or unwell this can be a bit annoying if you never had this happen to you before since when it first happened to me the idea of being forced to wake up everyday between like 4 am to like 6 am was very annoying and because of this I go to bed at like between 9 pm to a max of like 11 pm which I can’t stop since if I stay awake longer I will feel to sleepy though out the day and even if you use things like caffeine it will not make you feel fresh enough before this I could wake up at like 9 am to like 12pm but I have not got up at like 10 am since I got this problem like 6 years ago so it will be not something which you can fix I am afraid and asking doctors for advice often does not help since the only way this can be fixed is a cure to diabetic condition and give all type 1 pancreas then this horrible illness can be good and people will not have to suffer from it like 24/7 overall.

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