Replacement for energy drinks without caffeine


Slow cow mind Cooler image

  • Slow Cow
  • Nrich
  • Nurishment
  • Vitamin water
  • Camel milk
  • Green Tea
  • Smoothie
  • Malted high Vitamin B drinks

Slow cow is  non gas drink which is good alone it has no caffeine in it at all I found it tasted amazing without any negative or bad effects some may  dislike the flavour a bit  week but it could be used for someone wanting to stop drinking say Red bull or another high sugar drink quite easy overall only problem it can get hard or complex ordering this drinks since supply seems to be a issue of this company overall.

Nrich and Nourishment are basically same product only different Nrch is Spanish and Nourishment is from Denmark they are both very similar only difference is Nrich is little bit sweeter to me but it’s always a lot cheaper overall which is good too me.

The point of these products is to give you like most of your needed vitamin amount or dose per day for average person buying like 5 to 10 or more fruit to get your vitamin dose can be hard or complex so these products provide them for you in a tasty easy to handle drink that is why many people take these me includes I found the strawberry and Vanilla the best flavour of it overall so far.

Vitamin Water is  Coca Cola product you can get them quite easy most places in the West only problem is they can become expensive at almost like £2.00 per 5ml bottle for why it seems to always disappear from shops over the to high price to me but they do  taste good either way and do seem to be healthy as well overall.

Camel Milk is like the best or most important milk to drink since it’s similar to like breast milk because of high vitamin or other things it to help boost are energy or immune system I use it as like monster replacement and I have never looked back or put any weight on case you wondering for me taking it kind of tastes like fudge milkshake for it;s flavour you can get it fresh or UHT or powerform which is often flavoured like Strawberry or chocolate among other India seems the biggest supplier of it in the world more less for why most you buy  comes from that amazing country overall.

Only problem with the milk it is often very expensive to buy most of the time if it’s fresh but power form normally very cheap overall.

Smoothie give you a good amount of fruit and vegetables if you make them right only problem by putting fruit and vegetables into them it can increase the fruit amount in the drink which could in some cases make some people become more overweight except for that it is great drink you can buy smoothie machine for like $30 to $60 of amazon very easy as well.

Malted drink often taste bit like whisky or beer but will have no alcohol in all the cases I saw them but often contain like Vitamin b or A or E or D or others some of the time it’s kind of like adult drink without the problems of alcohol in them but if you are ex drinking it could be good thing for you to take instead of say beer or whisky to me all my friends or family member like it more less but if you don’t like say whisky or strong tastes you may find it unpleasant to drink overall.

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