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How do you manage being a type 1 diabetic?

  1. Management skills
  2. Right diet
  3. Good control
  4. Enough insulin
  5. Check sugar level often through blood strips or scanners

A lot of people don’t understand how good management you need to have this without going blind or losing body parts such as feet are often a big problem for people all around the world this is why a smart diabetic should try as much as possible to monitor how they feel angry it means they could be high if that’s the case then it’s time to check one blood to make sure they are to high if they are saying like 20 then it’s time to inject each one different but for me if that was the case take between 40 to 50 units of insulin I am doing the British system I know American different to be aware of that if you are American reading this not understanding what’s going on here.

Let’s say we go to job everyday at like 4 pm if that’s the case then we need to take less insulin before it or eat extra food or drinks to boost is sugar level to make us less likely to take hypo when possible and also carry sweets such as a jellybabys with areself since they contain a lot of sugar in them which is a good thing for hypo or simply low sugar levels overall.

For type one this person will often have to take high energy drinks such as Lucozade or coca-cola with full sugar this may seem weird to non diabetics but for us taking sugar is key thing to stop taking hypos since you can go from like high to low sugar any moment depending on insulin or how hard you work or if you think to much could cause low sugar levels some of the time. https://www.nourishbodymind.com/

Try and eat fruit and vegetables when possible healthy stuff but I understand it’s impossible to eat or drink fully healthy in regards to us being forced to generally take unhealthy food or drinks to stop the hypo problems coming are away often.

Good control can be done by simply checking are blood often by the scanners or blood stripes and also you should be able to feel when you are low or high for example when  I feel high I sweat often and I sometimes in more extreme cases feel like I am going to be sick if that happens or almost that level take insulin then wait for it help feel your hyper problem just wait for like 1 to 2 hours for the fast-acting insulin to help bring your blood sugar down to a normal level when possible it can be annoying but it’s just part of life for a type 1 overall.

Each person is different so no exact number can be given but you are best to change your insulin depending on what you do each day for example if you are going to relax then need more insulin compared to if you have a day of hard work such as repairing the house or doing farm work among other physical jobs as such try and focus on ways to make sure your insulin as right as possible each time but all people make mistakes be aware as well.

Checking sugar level can be done by finger prick once the blood is out all you do is put it onto the strips then it if it works okay it will give you are sugar level but like all things they can be off so if it says you are like 6 but you feel hypo then give yourself something to eat then recheck your blood to make sure if it was right or if your meter keeps doing this get another one from your doctor or order one online since they can break or give wrong reading quite often.

Blood scanners are the future as they say all you do here is kind of simple when you get the patch thing you put the needle into your army it does not hurt by the way case you are scared once that’s in you use your scanner then scan the patch to allow you now to monitor your blood sugar level but be aware it can take 1 hour to work so be patient while it’s working is a good idea often.

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