Honey Bee


Honey bees are overall most important living things by far here is why they create the air we breath all the time by the work they do on flowers or other plant types if you are out for a walk you will probably at some point see bees working hard all the time in average week a Bee works over 10 times the average human does all to help the beehive or the Queen they mostly start work as soon as the queen gives birth then no time for being lazy or doing nothing since when you are in the Bee team everyone does his or her part to help the rest of the family members make the honey or keep the queen going so it’s tough job to do overall

A lot of people don’t know the dangers of the Bee dies off will affect people from all countries in the world more less since without air we will all die for why so many people or businesses with sense are trying there best to protect the bees a lot of people me included believe the cause of the animals dying is caused by different things farmers or other businesses put on plants which is killing them off in a horrible way and also why bees with infections are overall quite common practice for why more and more being thankful to try and stop them being one of the humans many mistakes they made against nature or life itself

Honey itself was the first form of sugars discovered by mankind even ancient humans used this instead of sugar cane or other sugars this is why it is more nature or healthy sugar type overall it can be used as simply something to eat or something to help keep food lasting longer or as nice add onto cake or dessert you made today 

Life cycle

 Eusocial Bees a colony generally only contains one queen which is the fertile female who can up to fest thousand drone bees or fertile males and 10’s of thousands of worker bees to complete jobs for the hive .

The eggs are laid in singly in a way in wax style producted and shaped by different workers bees to help things moving right by the Queen Bee using her Spermatheca this can allow her to fertillize the eggs she wants . Unfertillised eggs turn into drones and white females or queens and worker bees can from fertilized eggs 

Young Worker bees are sometimes called Nurse bees who’s main role is to clean the beehive and fee the larvae 

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