Find out why Grenade 50 Calibre Preworkout can give you a heart attack


It does give you more energy as the only good part of this product.

I found it very weird when I drunk one I experienced pain in my heart attack kind of like I had a mini heart attack which was a very weird experience I have had many foods or drinks before nothing ever give me such a horrible experience you will feel kind of like heart attack but at a small level .

I am not sure why this product is legal to sell since it you could easy to me give someone a hard attack so I would strongly recommend you don’t even take one drink I found the negative affect was clear from my heart area.

Taste is quite weird for why that could be maybe connected to what gives you a possible heart pain .

I tried there peanutbutter that was fine tasting and give no health problems I know of so far but any other products this company I try I will be very careful which I would recommend you do if you have high blood presure then don’t try this product here even once once could possibly make you die .

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