Both teens and adult alike can get zits on one face or other parts of are bodies.

Acne is a condition which oils glandes of the skin can get cloggesd forming spots or pimples in a small amount of cases people will call them systs around 3 quarters of all people rom aged 11 to 30 will develop acne at some point.

 A big cause of it is often by eating bad food or unhealthy things for example always getting food from Mcdonald such as like a Big Mac if you eat this sort of food it’s more less guranteed if you eat it often you will get zits on your face at least once since this is often a big cause of this condition in young people in most cases which can become sore or very itchy so can become a super annoying thing very quick after you get your first one on your body overall.

You may ask”If this dangerous?” In general no but it can leave scars in extreme cases depending on what you do when you first this so put on the right clean can be good way to get rid of this change your diet to include healthier things such as drinking soups more often or eating porridge to name a few things 

Most common place to get this in most cases will be the face area in majority of cases overall part of why this can make younger people get shy over having this quite often

Some skin care habits which can make your condition worse 

  1. Washing more than once if you sweat can make it worse for you epsecially if you wear a helmet of some kind such as Motorbike one so wash as soon as possible whenever you end up sweating
  2. Using a Washcloth or a kind of sponge can in some cases irritate the skin making it get worse often
  3. Alcohol free products can help cure up acne fast some of the times never use products which may irritate your skin such as toners to include a small amount of them if you have anything you are say can’t touch such as peanuts then never use any products containing this since could give you a very bad health side affect.
  4. Scrubbing your skin may sound a great idea but doing it will often make your acne a lot worse so try and fight the desire you have to do this as much as possible stop doing this!
  5. Only shampoo more if you have oily hair if not do it less while you have this whenever possible
  6. Letting it heal naturally can be smart in most cases overall
  7. Keeping hands of ones face can stop any flare ups happening 
  8. Stay out of sun beds or to much sun when possible since make it stay on you for longer or give you extra pain some of the time and Sunbeds cause bad skin cancer as well so best to not waste your money there 

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